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featured1Whether it’s a simple building job, a new home extension,  plastering and decorating then I can help you realise your dreams without breaking the bank.

Below I have listed our main services and if your particular project type is not there then please give me a call so I can see if I can help you, if I cannot then I will put you in touch with someone who can help you. Call 07782 195490


Rendering also known as solid plastering:

Exterior walls will usually need to be finished with plaster unless the walls are constructed of brick or timber. New buildings constructed with breeze blocks will usually be finished with sand and cement render whilst old buildings undergoing repair and restoration will be better suited to the use of traditional materials such as Lime Renders. If the building is listed then it is likely that the work will have to be carried out under the guidance of the local conservation and planning department using traditional materials.
There are various external decorative finishes including Ashlar, Rustication Rockcote and Roughcast. We specialise in all aspects of Solid Plastering Flat using materials which are ecologically friendly and we aim to use natural materials. All done by our Qualified Tradesmen to British Standard Specifications.

So if you want a quality job done be it, Solid Plastering, Rendering, Pebbledashing in Brighton, East and West Sussex,

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Pebbledash is an exterior wall covering, that is essentially a coat of sand and cement based render, with the top coat having small stones or pebbles being literally, thrown at the wet surface. This exterior wall finish was made popular here in England and Wales since about the 1920’s, when housing was in greater demand, and builders were forced to cut costs wherever they could. Pebbledash finishing on external walls was ideal for this purpose as, not only was it fashionable at the time, but it could be utilised to cover up poor quality brickwork, especially with a shortage of skilled men in the construction industry after World War 1.

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